Visit to L’angolo Estate in Oregon

L’angolo Estate only produces wine from their own vineyards, making them a 100 percent estate producer.

They have planted their vineyards themselves in 2013 and the 2015 vintage was the first to be released. The vineyards are east-sloping and they have 25 acres of which 20 is planted where 16 has Pinot Noir and 4 has Chardonnay. They are organic today and will move over to being biodynamic.

Impressions of the wines from L’angolo Estate

This is a very young estate and they produce their wines from own vineyards that are also young. 2015 is their first vintage and under these circumstances I think these wines are fantastic. They are rather fruit driven but they also have a fresh and energetic acidity that balances the wines well. I was very surprised by the Reserve, that showed a rather complex expression for such young vines. This will definitely be an estate to follow closely.

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Some short facts about L’angolo Estate

They only use native yeast and use heat to initiate the fermentation.

Method used for their Pinot Noirs:

  • 4-7 days coals soak
  • 3-8 days post maceration
  • 100 % destemmed
  • Age for 11 months in oak for Estate and 17 months for Reserve
  • 23% new oak for Estate and 33% for Reserve

Method used for Chardonnays:

  • 100% malolactic fermentation
  • No stirring of lees
  • All neutral oak

My daughter entertained by the Estate dogs:)

Tasting notes for the wines from L’angolo Estate

2015 L’Angolo Estate Chardonnay

Fresh nose with some stone fruit, lime and lemon. This is also carried over to the palate that is zesty and has young and rather thin fruit notes. This Chardonnay is more about freshness and energy than depth.

2015 L’Angolo Estate Pinot Noir

Rather fruit-forward with raspberries, cranberries and some blackberries, but in the background there are some smoky notes. There is a tannic structure that stays in the finish, and we also get a fresh and precise acidity. This results in a Pinot Noir with some attitude and energy but not with an abundance of depth and complexity.

2015 L’Angolo Estate Pinot Noir Reserve

This is a selection of the best barrels after the fermentation. 17 months in oak, where 33% is new.
Nice dense and multi layered fruit on the nose, containing raspberries, strawberries and cranberries. On the palate we get a rather juicy expression with a slight tartness and a nice cool acidity that stays in the finish. There are some fine-grained tannins and some slight oak notes on the palate. This is a very good Pinot Noir, produced in a warm vintage and from a young estate.


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