Tasting of Sandhi Wines, with winemaker Sashi Moorman

In March I attended a wine tasting with Sashi Moorman at Arlequin Wine Merchant in San Francisco. Sashi had brought wine from three different labels where he is the wine maker. These are Sandhi, Domaine de la Côte and Evening Land Vineyards. The first two are based in Lompoc in Santa Barbara and the last is in Oregon.

I have previously posted my notes about Domaine de la Côte and you can read these here.

In this post I just present notes for the Sandhi and I will later publish a post from Evening Land where I also have visited.

Impressions of the wines from Sandhi Wines

The Chardonnays I have tried from Sandhi Wines have showed a rather broad spectrum of expressions, but there are some common denominators, like the citric and sometimes racy acidity. The fruit notes have showed everything from slim and citric styles to more ripe tropical fruit. In some of the wines we also get some oak notes. I think the difference in styles are partly related to the difference in terroir and partly to the adaptation of winemaking style that Sashi often makes for his different vineyards.

In general I think the wines are of good quality and I like the acidity and juiciness.

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Tasting notes for the wines from

2014 Sandhi Wines Chardonnay Santa Barbara Country

Slim nose with some lime and apples. Rather mineral on the palate with a precise acidity and some stone fruit and zesty lime and lemon. Fresh and energetic Chardonnay with a mouthwatering finish.

2014 Sandhi ‘Sandford & Benedict’ Sta. Rita Hills Chardonnay

Fermentation and ageing in a mix of new and neutral oak for 12 months and then it spends 6 months in stainless steel.
There is a lot of tropical fruit with mainly pineapple and some stone fruit. The fruit is riper on the palate where we also get some flint and oak notes. The acidity is racy and mouthwatering and stays in a long finish together with the pineapples. A generous but also energetic Chardonnay.

2014 Sandhi Wines Chardonnay Rita’s Crown

Very fresh and citric nose and palate with lemon and lime dominating but also some young tropical fruit, mainly from stone fruit. The palate is juicy and mouthwatering. This is a nice, juicy and rather zesty Chardonnay.

2014 Sandhi Wines Chardonnay Bentrock

Initially the nose is very dominated by popcorn and flint notes but then some young tropical fruit and lemon appear. The fruit stays on the palate which is rather juicy and citric. The wine has a slim profile and and a nice acidity. I would recommend opening the bottle a while before drinking.

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