Very interesting unknown Piedmont wine

This wine is from a place about 40 km north-east of Barolo and just 8 from the town of Asti in an area called Castagnole Monferrato. The grape Ruché is grown at 250 m above sea level with perfect south exposition made from 25 years-old vines. The family-run estate Montalbera harvest the grapes passed fully ripeness. In addition, 5% of these grapes go through passimento (dry fermentation) for today’s wine. The risk here is of course to render to much alcohol and a sweet wine, but we guess that they know what they are doing. 🙂


2014 Ruché di Castagnole-Monferrato “Laccento”, Montalbera

Beautiful colour with blood orange core and some red purple tints with orange-pink edges.

After opening, nutmeg, notes of leather, blue plums, but after some hours a delightful and complex scent of cardamom, ripe strawberries, beeswax, subtle peony rose petals, dry thyme, chewing tobacco and soot arrives. Surprisingly, it shares several flavours in a langhe nebbiolo in its impressive and complex nose.

Quite intense and direct taste packed with slightly sweet, very ripe and fresh combo of primarily wild strawberries and big plums wrapped in delicate minerals. A very generous, quite mellow, pliant and pure wine, but even more impressive it is remarkably rich, balanced and framed in velvety, thick really ripe, impressively soft and approachable tannins already, totally unlike a barolo. Its only backside is that it lacks elegance and finesse. In deed a steel for the money at €30.


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