The fleshy 2014 spanish Petalos has amazing freshness

Alvarò Palacios, originally from a well known family in Rioja and famed by his internationally recognised Priorat wines. Moreover, he has worked at famous Pétrus in Bordeaux and is obviously putting Spain’s wine ares on the map for outsiders. However, this wine is based on the grape mencía from the very north-western Spain, where he produces the wine of the evening which is ment to be approachable and from old vines. It was invented in collaboration with his nephew Ricardo Perez back in 1998. We are certainly outside of our comfort zone this time, so now let’s taste the wine.


2014 Petalos bierzo, descendientes de J.Palacios

Roasted almond, crème brülée, green banana, natural vanilla, yellow pears desert and a sweet perfume.

It is very fruity, very fleshy and overly meaty. Bitter cherries, cinnamon, savoury notes, bay leaf, and with an abundance of tasty minerals. Impressively balanced, vivid and rich with a little dry, peppery, metallic and persistent final. Above all, the acidity is fantastically clean, fresh and balsamic.

This is not our style, but In a blind tasting, despite the fleshiness, I could still have been thinking a blend of hermitage and beaujolais. Most likely, better in 3-4 years. (tasted 15/10-2016)



This is definitely a producer to follow closely in the future.

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