California – New country, new experiences

Approximately two weeks ago I and my family moved from Sweden to California (Berkeley) where we will be staying for six months. After that we will spend another two months traveling along the coast, and among other things, visit wine regions like Oregon and Washington State.

Until now my knowledge about wines from the US have been limited and to be completely honest my impression has been slightly negative due to experiences with extremely fruit driven wines with high alcohol levels. I am fully aware of that it is not fair to discard such a large wine region based on a few experiences and I also know that there are some exciting developments and recent trends moving towards more refined and terroir focused wines in the US. Therefore I have decided to focus only on wines from the US while staying here.

I am very excited about what I will discover the coming 8 months. I will try and take part in as many wine tastings as possible and I will visit many producers.

If you have any suggestions of producers to visits or wines to try, please do not hesitate and let me know.

The search for the best producers and wines from the US begins now!

2 thoughts on “California – New country, new experiences

  1. Patoriku Carlsberg

    My big issue with Californian wine is what you get (or rather don’t get) with a non-private-equity millionaire wine budget. Sonoma is well represented in European shops, but otherwise it seems Italian wines beat them upright in price-to-value comparisons.

    Look forward to your Sideways Tour and new insights!

    1. Andreas Post author

      There is definitely a huge influence of “big money” in Napa, and now also in Sonoma, which has an effect on the price level. Unfortunately. But my main focus will be on finding great wine, not great deals.


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