A fantastic Pommard from Nicolas Rossignol

Nicolas Rossignol is one of the most interesting producers when it comes to Volnay and Pommard. You can read more about our visit with him here.

During the years we have had our ups and downs with Nicolas but we love his energy and excitement and when at his best he produces fantastic wines, sometimes from vineyards traditionally overlooked or with less reputation.

Nicolas Rossignol Chaponnières
2010 Nicolas Rossignol, Pommard 1er cru “Chaponnières”

Generous, deep and quite creamy nose with succulent purple fruit, cherries, plums, ripe strawberries, stable, hints of oak and some ethereal aromas.

The taste is dominated by red fruit, but we also find black pepper, herbs and some raisin sweetness. There are clear “Pommard muscles” with its prominent tannic structure, but texture is pleasantly soft and fine grained. The acidity is a bit sharp, but it also adds some attitude to the wine.
This is not the most elegant wine, but it is has a fantastic generosity, a mouthwatering fruitiness and good complexity.

The second day the wine shows more personality and is even more approachable, generous, but still quite powerful and round.


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