The 2011 Brunate from Beppe “Citrico” Rinaldi


On our current trip to Barolo we made a stop today to say hello to Enzo Brezza. We also had our lunch at his restaurant on top of his wine cellar (cantina). He has a great wine list that also includes other fellow wine makers. Today we decided to taste the newly released 2011 vintage of Brunate from Beppe Rinaldi. Readers can probably recognise the Barolo castle in the background.

Beppes Brunate is always great, but nothing yet compares to the amazing 2010 vintage tested here.

If anyone has missed out on our visit to them it is here.

2011 Barolo “Brunate”, G. Rinaldi

Sir Galahad:

Very transparent, blood orange red colour with light edges.

A lovely, quite immediate, very pretty and seductive perfume opens up in the decanter just after some minutes. Moreover, some Asian spices, violets and anise seeds. As always a dense and complex nose of which you can sit with for a while.

It emerges on the palate as very generous, filled with sweet, very ripe red fruit. In addition, pastry, anise and crystalline minerals. Balance is impressive and it is seamless with remarkably crisp acidity that effortlessly brings forward the aromas with just right level of freshness. Texture is impressively and unexpectedly smooth and soft too for this vintage. It lingers beautifully and with precision in the long, and pleasant characteristic finish. The fruit maybe just a little overly sweet as well as it may lack some complexity and depth, but everything else is perfect for this vintage.

It might be the best 2011 so far, only competing with the Francia from Roberto Conterno. It is approachable so open now but even better in two years. It will not be long lived.



Rather fruit driven and open nose with a slight sourish touch to the fruit, some balsamic notes, but also a floral expression containing some white flowers. Generous and open start to the wine.

On the palate the red fruit is very juicy and almost chewy, combining well with the tannic structure that is quite careful but adds texture. There are also some hints of salt and liquorice, and very soft barnyard notes. The fruit also gets more sweet in the finish of the wine. The acidity gives a careful tingling sensation on the tongue and adds energy and freshness more than precision.

This Rinaldi is generous, juicy and seductive, rather than elegant and complex. Exactly the expression this vintage should convey.


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