Francesco Rinaldi cannubi shines when it is at its best

2010 Barolo Cannubi, Francesco Rinaldi

Colour is transparently, but light orange-red with light brown-orange edges.

Give this at least three hours of airing, swirl the decanter and you’ll be surprised how authentic it is. The classic scents arrives with a wide mix of sub notes; raspberry candy,  rubber raincoat nose, soot and an abundance of tar are all here as well as chewing tobacco and dried herbs. At the top, there is a complex perfume of dried blue flowers, fresh rose petals and oil paint. Cannubi doesn’t do well in dry, warm years, due to the high levels of sand over clay that don’t store water well, so in a such a good cold, slow year as this, it really shines. A fresh and genuine Cannubi-nose that is really satisfactory and intriguing!

Even though the youthful tannins take a bite in your cheeks, an experienced Barolo-passionista can still really feel the softness and chewiness of these remarkably high-quality and thick, but juvenile tannins. There is something extraordinary with the 2010 vintage that really puts Burgundy up to game. In addition, dry liquorice-root, sweet tobacco again, leather and herbs wrapped in a promising, vivid, energetic and a little saline and grape juice-like acidity.

Except for a great genuine nose, the the cool thing here is that nothing dominates, it is seamless and the fruit is already a very pleasant part of it all. It is building voluptuous, generous and persistent. If you think that the tannins bite, just a little too much even after a few hours, I recommend that you leave it in the decanter for one day. This is all about soft, smooth texture and expressive pedigree. A genuine classic with grace yet to come and without question, the absolute best Cannubi from this producer so far. Yes, we really like it!


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