A very spicy burgundy wine with complex nose from Guyon

In our previous post, we tasted Cathiard’s version from this cool, windy, chalky site. This time it is the 2008 vintage, not in general equally great as the 2010 vintage, but usually underrated. This time we focus on another producer that is clearly under the radar; Domaine Guyon. Actually, we did taste their base red here. In 1991, Jean Pierre followed by his brother Michel took over the vineyards from their father. They use 100% new oak, extraction endures for 18 days in steel vats and vines are about 40 years old in their parcels in en Orveaux.

2008 1er cru En Orveaux, Domaine Guyon

The colour is beautifully blood orange with red purple nuances and edges are orange-pink.

The nose emerges with a lot of sulphur the first hour as well as notes of medicine cabin, typical chalky saline minerals and oil paint. After numerous hours, the typical saline and chalky notes from this site takes a step back and let the vosne herbs arrive to the scene dominated by freshly cut ginger, dry mint and ground cumin. In addition, there is some really enchanting sweet-peppery pastry notes combined with Indian spices that gets through at times that is just lovely. When giving this wine plenty of time in the decanter, the dominating base of chalky and dark minerals as well as the dominating saline acidity, let other complex scents through and the nose is in fact really good and interesting.

On the palate, the high level of chalky and distinct saline acidity that is so typical for this windy site is still dominating and coating the bluish and pure fruit. Unfortunately, the taste does not shape up to the impressive nose, but there are loads of delightful spices and anise seeds in here, but it is not really well balanced and the finish is a little too saline.  The high level of new oak is at this stage quite well integrated and doesn’t disturb the palate. However, texture is impressively silky without any spurs on the tongue whatsoever and it is quite persistent too.

A really interesting nose, but it falls short on the palate that is, unfortunately, less balanced now and lacks complexity. Open in 2018.


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