An honest and very concentrated brunello from Salicutti

The estate Salicutti is probably the first to employ organic cultivation in Montalcino back in 1994. The owner, Francesco Leanza, is a very self-made man that does pretty much everything by himself. Except for organic cultivation in the vineyards, he employs thorough green harvest, topping and thinning out and leaves 5-7 bunches on each vine before harvest to ensure high quality grapes. Giving up a profession as a chemical engineer in Rome he became a wine maker and produced his first wine in 1996.

2006 Brunello di Montalcino Salicutti “Piaggione”

Its colour is translucent blood orange middle with light orange edges.
The nose after two hours of decanting offers distinct tar, smoke, worn leather, notes of tobacco and balsamic notes. In two additional hours, there is suddenly distinct balsamic herbs, cooked asparagus and very unusually I think I recognise fresh basil too. Moreover, at this point there is a lot of resonant fruit in here, but even more so there are beautiful top notes of very delicate inner perfumes, red flowers, bergamot, salvia and a salt-stained, fresh breeze. This is not a big and imposing nose, but rather a slow, fragrant one that is more about complex details and delicate aromas from the site.
The taste offers layers of very concentrated, ripe and pure fruit of which cherries, is most prominent, but there is also wild strawberries, cranberries and plum. Texture is already velvety and a little dusty. Ripe tannins steers the wine, but now still gives the tongue a spur, but they will develop fine and soften even more. This is a medium bodied and very balanced wine with great, energetic acidity without any harshness at all. It is persistent too and concentration is impressive and consistent. The crescendo in the long aftertaste offers very delicate chalky minerals, anise, liquorice backed by dusty tar and leather.

Yes, this is an honest, transparent and very slowly emerging wine with impressive complexity and very pure aromas. It is quite Burgundish with its details, balance and freshness. Open in 2017.


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