An impressive nose in a mature Barbaresco from Asili

Last time we tried the Asili from CA’ del Baio it was the 2007 and we were not very impressed, but we decided to give the wine a second chance in a more classic and now peeking vintage. We have previously tasted the CA’ del Baio Valgrande from 2001 and thought this was better.
The 2001 vintage in Barbaresco had one week earlier flowering, a mild summer that turned dry and hot in August, but grapes were saved by rains in September and a much cooler weather that rendered a slower growing-cycle that is favourable for nebbiolo and the result is equally very ripe fruit and tannins. A great classic vintage with excellent concentration, very expressive aromatics and structured, big wines with plenty of acidity that is well balanced too and one that should definitely be peeking now, but be around for another two decades or more.

2001 CA’ del Baio Asili

The first impressions are great, offering a dense and expressive nose with deep dark berries, dried rose petals, paint, exotic spices, tea, orange peels and earthy tones.

The palate is dominated by berries that unfortunately are slightly sourish. There is an abundance of blueberries, cherries, tea and some spices.
One day later the acidity had calmed down tremendously and the fruit at this stage, were more expressive and appeared more ripe. Clearly an improvement after plenty of airing, but still the fruit is a little sourish that we find a little unpleasant. The relatively soft and silky tannins provide a good backbone and structure to the wine. The texture is relatively soft and silky and tannins are quite ripe and all is well integrated.
This wine was a positive surprise and impressed us with its fantastically seductive and multifaceted nose. We lack some elegance and energy, but this is over-all a really good wine that should be decanted for several hours before consumption.

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