2007 Domaine de la Romanée-Conti Richebourg Grand Cru

The Domaine de la Romanée-Conti (DRC) is a legendary producer so we do not think that any further presentation is really needed here. The domaine’s list of Vosne-Romanee vineyards is second to none. Richebourg is ranked after the estate’s monopolies; La Romanée-Conti and La Tâche, but it is not considered to be very far behind. The vineyard is split into quite a large number of producers which results in an interesting opportunity to compare different styles and expression.

2007 is definitely not a great vintage in Burgundy. A hot Spring in April and early May changed dramatically into an unusually wet, cold summer with mildew and rot that led to a difficult and early harvest that was patchy without any really ripe fruit that may even be diluted and green. The producers needed to employ extremely hard selection and pick late after the weather improved a little in late September. This is a vintage where differences between producers can be quite significant. At best the wines are quite fresh and fragrant, but lack concentration and grip. In accordance with its tradition, DRC always harvest late to reach full ripeness, are known to keep very low yields and employ meticulous selection, so let us see how they managed in this very hard vintage..

2007 Domaine de la Romanée-Conti Richebourg Grand Cru

From the glass emerges after an hour a restrained, but fresh and somewhat fruity nose with raspberries, wild berries and lingonberries, but also some menthol, distinct earthy minerals, hints of solvent, some clove and under vegetationThe taste offers red fruit, quite fresh acidity but also some unpleasant and a little bitter green notes, most likely from the stems, as DRC always use whole bunches in their vinification.

After being open one day, it is still somewhat green with bitter herbs, but the red berries are much more expressive now and relatively ripe considering the vintage and more complex details have arrived to the scene. In addition, there are clear floral notes, asian spices, somewhat fried mushrooms and more herbs on the nose. Moreover, we taste much more minerals and spices too. The acidity is still a bit harsh and the wine is thin, a little volatile obviously lacking concentration, some depth and backbone that we expect from this vineyard. On the bright side, is a relatively fresh nose, its overall balance and quite pure fruit that is just a little dominated by green notes and prominent minerals. The finish is quite long too with a final of minerals and balsamic acidity.

The wine is surprisingly light-weighted and thin for a Richebourg and in some ways it is more what we would expect from a Romanée Saint-Vivant. When drinking a wine from an extraordinary vineyard and producer, expectations are high, and in this case unfortunately they where not met, even when taken into account the vintage.

We expect the wine to develop further with time, but 2007 will not have a long life ahead, so do not forget it and expect miracles.


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